I should probably make a real website, huh?

Okay, okay. I’ll do it. Sheesh.


Looks like I’m hosting the Brian Posehn show at New Earth on November 4th.
Cool. (Super cool.)

Ol’ Bluebelly is dead! I killed him.

Lots of dumb crap involving me coming up.

Bit Brigade is going on tour, playing Ninja Gaiden and maybe also Mega Man 2. We’re going up the East Coast a little bit then moving out towards the Midwest. If I’m lucky, there will be some open mics along the way.

Three HACKS shows are in the works, with the nearest being August 25th with Tig Notaro. It’s a big deal for me. If this keeps up, I’m going to run out of favorite comedians to put on shows for after a while.

A new musical project involving myself and past bandmates is in the works and sounding pretty great so far. Not ready to say much about it yet.

Check out the shows page if you’re curious, it’s… long now.

More Luke Things

It looks like Bit Brigade will be doing a week or so of touring after Bit Gen Gamer Fest and I just got confirmed for the comedy showcase at The Fest 10 in Gainesville, FL. I also may be putting on a show for Tig Notaro in August. Life’s alright.

Hey, look, it’s me. Not doing too badly even.

It’s hard to watch yourself perform sometimes, but it’s also cool to see how much better (or worse) a bit has gotten since a particular moment in time.


Ah, back to the good old days of AthFest being a hellishly busy week for me.

Wednesday night is the Comedy Showcase.

Thursday night, I’m hosting the Flagpole Music Awards.

Friday night, ‘POWERS is playing the 40 Watt.

Remind me to eat breakfast.

Dan, man.

The next two major shows I’m in feature two separate but equally amazing Dans:

June 2nd I have Dan St. Germain, a fantastic NY comic. He’s headlining HACKS with a couple of great Atlanta comics like Paul Gallois and Mike Kaiser.

June 22nd is the second annual LaughFest @ AthFest, headed up by none other than Junior Paleontologist Dan Telfer. He’s a Chicago guy. He’s pretty smart. He’s even funnier than he is smart. This show features all the bestest Athenians.

Here’s a clip from each of them:

Dan St Germain on Jimmy Fallon

Dan Telfer at Chicago Underground

Here’s a short film about the Athens comedy scene that I’m in! Briefly!